Network Automation (AI) and Adaptive Documentation

Gartner Cool Vendor 2022

NetBrain is a leading real-time online network automation platform with more than 2300 enterprise customer. It builds its operating model by analyzing 12 000 variables per network device. 1000 Thus, the network with the device already has 12 million variables, all of which are continuously monitored through the use of NetBrain’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Adaptive network documentation and automation system keep the network documentation up to date automatically in any change. Dynamic creation of a network map, visualization of different layers and routings on the network, and E2E traffic flow tracking also allows for quick troubleshooting. Netbrain support all kind of networks natively.

  • IP networks (LAN, WLAN, VPN, MPLS, SD-WAN)
  • Data Center Networks (SDN, Cisco ACI, VMware NSX)
  • Multicloud (Azure, AWS)

NetBrain is ideally suited to a network that uses BGP or OSPF for dynamic routing and backup links, SDN and SD-WAN solutions, Intent-Based Networks (IBN), or Policy-Based Networks (PBN) concepts.


In addition to SNMP and CLI discovery, NetBrain takes great advantage of existing IT systems such as ServiceNow ITSM/CMDB, Splunk Log Management, PRTG, SolarWinds, and numerous other network monitoring software.

Key Benefits

  • Network layer 2 and layer 3 documentation is always and automatically up to date for both the physical and logical maps. It is also easily exploited extensively in the IT organization in various activities at the same time. Everyone has the same view and understanding.
  • Clear web-based maps and visually created views allow the first level of Service Desk personnel to act on the role of second-level expert. There is no need for a single device manufacturer’s tools or CLI skills when using the NetBrain user interface.
  • ITSM integration (e.g. ServiceNow) and NetBrain AI/ML allow you to create a fault ticket automatically. The incident ticket follows the accompanying links (URL) to the network documentation and the network problem. The goal is that the creation of the incident ticket manually decreases by 90% after the introduction of NetBrain.
  • Third-level online experts will immediately receive a more accurate description of the potential problem or need for change. With NetBrain automation tools (Runbook), third-level experts can quickly automate tasks without programming, scripts, or separate software robots. The operation of automation is at the same time well documented and visible to all to keep abreast of network changes and documentation.

Thanks to its multitenant architecture and extensive SDN support, NetBrain is also ideal for service providers and operators

According to Cisco’s 2020 Networking Trends Report, IT leaders believe that network automation will have the most impact on networking over the next five years. Yet even though 35 percent of network strategists see troubleshooting networking issues as the most resource-intensive and time-consuming activity for network operations today, more than 70 percent of network management is still done manually. 27 percent of IT leaders identified the lack of necessary skills as a key obstacle to transitioning to an advanced network.

NetBrain v10 Network Automation Catalog: Network Automation Catalog

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