A network TAP  is an external monitoring device that mirrors the traffic passing between network nodes.

Network TAP is compatible with several security solutions.

  • Cisco Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch)
  • Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance
  • ExtraHop RevealX (Network Detection & Response)
  • Bluehexagon AI (Network Detection & Response)
  • IBM Qradar Network Insights

A ProfiTAP is a hardware device inserted at a specific point in the network to monitor specific data. In modern service provider networks, a TAP tends to be the de-facto standard and preferred over a SPAN port (used in a small network environment) for many reasons.  TAP is also suitable for Enterprise network offices.

Profitap Ethernet TAPs seamlessly duplicate full-duplex 10M/100M/1G/10G traffic at wire speed. TAPs provide monitoring devices with traffic as if they were in-line, allowing them to view all 7 layers, including packets of all sizes and types and low-level errors.

Designed to enable flawless in-line monitoring of 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G fiber networks, Profitap Fiber TAPsmonitor all 7 OSI layers, packets of all sizes and types, and low-level errors. They are non-intrusive, have no IP address, and isolate monitoring devices from the network for complete security.

For situations where you want to monitor a single, critical network segment using several tools, a Regeneration TAP is what you need. Unlike an aggregation TAP, a regeneration TAP copies traffic from ONE network segment and sends it to MANY network monitoring tools simultaneously (1:M). That crucial network segment’s traffic could then be monitored by an intrusion detection system (IDS), recorded for later forensic examination, captured for future use, or analyzed for performance issues. This type of TAP is useful when a critical segment needs to be monitored simultaneously by an array of security and compliance tools. Example mirror traffic to Cisco Stealthwatch and DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance simultaneously.

Aggregation TAP connects MANY network ports to ONE monitoring port (M:1), combining the two incoming traffic streams into a single flow of outgoing traffic. For example, in basic setup, there are two network ports but only one ‘output’, or monitoring, port M. Network traffic entering ports A and B from each direction is then combined or merged to form a single stream of traffic. This is especially useful when a single monitoring tool has limited ports.


Profitap portable TAP (10/100/1000M or 10G) is the equivalent of an aggregator tap and two NICs, requiring only a laptop or a desktop PC with a free USB 3.0 port.


Profitap IOTA (10/100/1000M or 10G) is a multifunctional passive network probe (Network TAP & Traffic Analysis) with integrated traffic capture and analysis capabilities. High performance and reliability make it a great asset for accessing and visibility into industrial or enterprise-level networks. Profitap IOTA can be used as a dedicated probe or programmed for autonomous onsite analysis, eliminating the need for an onsite network expert.

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