5Feet Networks Oy

5Feet Networks Oy was founded in 2019 as a company focused on business network communications and information security strategic consulting. We are an independent network expert that aims to help Finnish companies safely utilize modern cloud and web services.

New networking technologies such as SD-WAN, SDN, WiFi6, 5G, IoT, Zero Trust Network, and the ever-increasing transition of enterprise application services to Internet cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google, Salesforce) offer an exceptional opportunity to improve business agility. 5Feet Networks Oy offers expertise, vision, and new ideas to this whole.

We design, discuss, lecture, but we are also ready to wrap the sleeves and solve even the most challenging fault situations with the help of network analyzers. Our motto is, we go “five feet” deeper, we seek a solution to the problem and make it clear.
We are the official importer, distributor, and partner for the following manufacturers:

  • Global market leader for network automation

  • Leader in Network Emulation and Testing

  • Develops a wide range of state-of-the-art and user-friendly network monitoring solutions. High-density network TAPs, portable packet capture devices, Network Packet Brokers and traffic analyzers.


Contact Information

Contact (Founder, CEO)

Hannu Rokka

+358 41 456 3841
Helsinki, Finland