NetBrain is the world’s leading real-time and artificial intelligence network automation platform. It automates and significantly improves NetOps for large companies, public administrations, IT service providers, and TeleCom.

Network experts and architects whose tasks include network troubleshooting, design, capacity management, documenting, and scripting various networks say:

“NetBrain brings a whole new perspective to daily operations. Things that used to be done in the past are now handled in minutes. ”

Over 50% of network management tasks are repetitive, yet fewer than 5% are automated. Most everyday tasks remain manual because automation couldn’t adapt.

  • Scripts don’t scale across multi-vendor, hybrid networks.
  • Simple automation doesn’t “talk” with your existing network tools.
  • The know-how for specific tasks couldn’t be programmed easily.
  • Most network engineers aren’t programmers, so scripting is a challenge
  • Automate network compliance and audit process

Visual network maps and powerful automation

NetBrain adapts to your network, tools, and expertise, to automate 10X more tasks — even complex workflows that hog man-hours.


5Feet Networks Oy is a certified partner of NetBrain Technologies in Finland. 

We offer the following expert services:

  • NetBrain Proof of Concept projects 
  • Lead or assist with NetBrain deployment projects
  • NetBrain license, support, and consulting services

Managed Services:

  • NetBrain Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • NetBrain Administration as a Service (SAaaS)