Fast and flexible WAN emulation

Apposite Tech, the award-winning Linktropy®, and Netropy® WAN emulators simulate the network bandwidth, latency, jitter, variation, packet loss, prioritization of congestion, and other real word network challenges. The product can be used to test application performance and behavior with real-world client/server connections. Simulating networks can be deployed within 15 minutes, using an easy, intuitive graphical user interface.

Typical use cases and applications for WAN emulation:

  • App development and app optimization
  • SD-WAN network evaluation and performance assurance
  • Testing storage performance and reliability
  • Emulation of satellite connections
  • Video streaming testing
  • Cloud migrations and data transfers testing
  • Testing IoT applications and solutions
  • Cloud gaming readiness testing*

* Read RootMetrics_Report if 5G is ready for cloud gaming?

Stop guessing – simulate and make sure things in advance

Netropy Network Emulators

An advanced Web emulator that can simulate up to 15 separate virtual WAN links. Each link can be configured with emulated bandwidth, packet loss, latency, jitter.  Speeds can be defined up to 100bps – 100Gbps at 1bps intervals. Netropy offers advanced modeling and management features for complex network scenarios or a pair of each physical port in multiple user environments. Packages can be routed to different WAN links based on the IP address, VLAN, or another packet identifier.

Also available in Virtual versions work with the leading hypervisors VMware vSphere AND KVM.

AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms available soon.


Linktropy WAN Emulators

Enterprise-class WAN emulators to simulate one WAN link between each physical interface pair at a rate of 10 Mbps, 45 Mbps, 100 Mbps – 1 Gbps.

Linktropy Mini-Emulators

Portable, affordable emulators that simulate the basic network prerequisites for application development and customer presentations.

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