Enterprise network troubleshooting and root cause analysis

With years of expertise, our consultants are experts in enterprise network optimization and troubleshooting. Fault analysis is done using special tools that speed up troubleshooting and enable deep analysis of high-speed networks. In order to verify occasional fault situations, the analyzers may be left on the premises of the company for the duration of the investigation.

  • The service focuses on troubleshooting a known problem from a network perspective.
  • The goal is to solve a network problem or to help find a problem with an application and/or infrared supplier.

The tools used are hardened and are not used in general office or web browsing. The data to be analyzed is not transferred from the tools or transferred to the cloud for security reasons.  Captured data is based on packet data.

Packet data vs Netflow (or sflow)

Packet data has been the gold standard for network visibility ever since the first packet analyzer was invented. The common expression around network analysts is, “packets never lie.” Packets show what is really happening on the wire, detailing all the protocols, conversations, and timing involved in network communications. Collecting packets and getting the real wireline story enables network engineers to resolve problems that would otherwise live on in the system indefinitely.

Right analysis tools get more value from your network. Packets provide an unprecedented level of visibility, filling gaps that other technologies, such as NetFlow, leave wide open.